About Us

About Us
"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" James Keller

We take pride on being a cruelty-free, affordable and a professional makeup line. We ensure a % of our sales go to local SPCA's and animal shelters as well as community charities that elevate the "Live Life Beautifully" message.

Dioné Cosmetics came into existence because Alisha Anderson, founder, was unable to find professional quality makeup that had a varied color selection, that did not test on animals and that was affordable in her hometown.

As the line developed, another need arose.

Many girls were asking Alisha questions about how to apply the makeup.

These women had stated that they did not like the idea of going to the “makeup counter” and being put on display for strangers to see, there, the Dioné Experience was born. A way to hang out with your friends in the privacy of your own home, learn how to apply makeup using professional quality, cruelty free makeup, ask questions, be yourself (with no judgments) and have a great time.

As the company evolved, so did the vision. Alisha and her team of Goddesses are on a mission: To show the world how to #LiveLifeBeautifully™; a mission to show people kindness, compassion and generosity using makeup as a platform to do so. This company is more than makeup, it has a message, Live Life Beautifully.