My chat with the Prime Minister of Canada

Ummmmmmmm, Excuse me?

I was always raised with the old adage, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”, meaning, if I had an issue or problem, nothing could be done about it if I didn’t speak up. I had no idea that a simple email that was sent years ago would lead to this.

Back in 2015, the Canadian government was completely changing. The Liberals had been voted in office and Justin Trudeau became our new Prime Minister. It was at this point I decided to speak up….it was time to squeak. I emailed his office about the issues I face running and growing a business in a small province with limited access to resources.

Of course, I got no response. I mean, I had just emailed the new PM. He was probably becoming inundated with requests and asks. I forgot about it and moved on.

Three months later, I got a generic, “Thank you for emailing the PM” blah blah blah as well as a statement that my concerns would be forwarded to the MP of Small Business and Tourism. I thought, “Well, that’s something. I wasn’t completely ignored”. It seemed, the squeak worked, even if only in a small way. I considered that a success and moved on.

Fast forward to 1 ½ years later as I am preparing supper on a Monday night. My phone rings and it is long distance. I decided to let it go to voice mail as I am was elbow deep in sweet potato peelings. The beep comes through that I have a new voice mail. I put my phone on speaker and continued my prep.

“Hello Alisha, this is Dave from the PM’s office in Ottawa……..”. Ummmmmm, excuse me? Did, did he just say that he was calling from the PM office. After I had a minor stroke, I called my mother to listen to it as I thought surely my hearing was playing with me. After she listened to it and reinforced what I had initially thought I heard, I then called my bestie who instantly said to me hang up and call the man back.

So, I called him back. He answered and stated that the email that I wrote back in 2015 had come across his desk and would like to extend an invitation for me to video chat with the PM and ask him a question about my concerns. I gasped, laughed and said “Hell yes”. He laughed and said okay, how about 4:30pm

on Wednesday………………….

Stay tuned for Part 2